Monday, May 17, 2010

Six of the Best 54

The story of the day has been Liam Byrne's joke about there being no money left. Presumably it was intended to be one of those that is funny because they are true. Caron's Musings discusses it and also has David Laws' message to Liberal Democrat members promising that the tough decisions he will have to make will have social justice at their heart.

If you can bear to think of the next general election, Liberal Burblings has the new list of Liberal Democrat target seats. Come to think of it, he has the list even if you can't bear to think of the next election.

Lynne Featherstone looks forward to working with Theresa May on equality.

Green councillor Philip Booth reports the latest progress with the restoration of the Cotswold canals on Ruscombe Green.

Madame Arcati reviews Worried About the Boy last night's dramatisation of Boy George's life before stardom on BBC2.

We finish with another recipe from Wartime Housewife. Nettle soup "freezes well and looks and tastes divine".

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