Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Six of the Best 52

At Liberal Democrat Voice, Alex Foster reprints Lib Dem chief executive Chris Fox's list of the party's policies that appear in the coalition agreement. The more I read it, the more I am convinced that we have done the right thing.

The Real Blog seems to share my view. After reviewing the most important points covered in that agreement, David Boyle says: "These may all be hugely disappointing, when it comes to it. Government tends to be. And yes, there are things I’m seriously worried about – of course there are. But what we have now is a radical opportunity, and I hope very much that we seize it. In practice, that is going to mean a great deal of effort to put policy flesh on the bones of the rhetoric. But we can do that...."

In CHARACTERISTIC style, Millennium Elephant welcomes the agreement too and links to reactions by many other Liberal Democrat bloggers.

Jo Christie-Smith worries about the lack of women in the new cabinet - and in politics in general: "it has to be said that despite the very best efforts of the Campaign for Gender Balance and Women Liberal Democrats that we have made no progress, in terms of outcomes in getting new women into parliament."

One undoubted gain from the coalition, the scrapping of ID cards, is celebrated by Dave Page.

We all need a drink after the past week. has a list of its top 10 pubs in the county. I can particularly recommend nos. 8 (The Mytton Arms, Habberley) and 10 (The Stables Inn, Hopesgate).

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