Saturday, May 08, 2010

Six of the Best 51

The outstanding Liberal Democrat result on Thursday was Ian Swales' capture of Redcar with a 21 per cent swing. Chris and Glynis Abbot explain how it was done.

Dib Lemming empties a pungent and well-merited bucketful right over the head of Nadine Dorries.

Have the financial markets been in chaos or sent into freefall by a hung parliament, as some newspapers claim? No, says Stumbling and Mumbling.

Norfolk Blogger detects sanctimonious duplicity and doublespeak in the Green Party in Norwich South.

The newcomer Angus Reid won the battle of the opinion pollsters, finds Singing My Song.

The Vagabond Trail visited Clun this week to attend the Green Man Festival - an ancient Shropshire tradition that dates all the way back to 1997. (The photograph above is borrowed from that blog.)

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Steph Ashley said...

Hah, I like your wording. I don't generally go in for ad hominem tirades, but in this case it's a case of like for like, since Evan Harris is far too lovely and dignified to do it himself.