Sunday, May 30, 2010

Peter Sarstedt: Frozen Orange Juice

You must know Peter Sarstedt's Where Do You Go to My Lovely?, even if you count it as a guilty pleasure. I was sure that this song was the B side of that single, but it turns out to have been the follow up and to have reached no. 10 in the UK in 1969.

Like the earlier song, Frozen Orange Juice offered sixties Britain a vision of continental sophistication. There was a touch of Jason King, whom Sarstedt rather resembled, too.

Peter Sarstedt was the middle of three brothers. As an article on his website explains:
We were born in India and we came to England in 1954, just prior to the Rock & Roll explosion” Peter explained. “Our story is, we started off as a skiffle group, then got into Rock & Roll and then split up and had our individual successes in the charts. The Sarstedt Brothers had hits from 1961 to 1976; three brothers having separate hits in different eras”.
The eldest brother Richard, under the name Eden Kane, had great success early in the early 1960s. The youngest brother Clive, who called himself Robin Sarstedt, reached no. 3 in 1976 with "My Resistance is Low".

And I don't know if you can still buy frozen orange juice, but you could in 1969. It was sold by Findus - a frozen concentrate that you defrosted and then diluted to grace your breakfast table.

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Anonymous said...

Frozen Orange Juice WAS the B side of the early version of Where do you go to my lovely. I first heard and bought WDYGML about a year before it became a ( slightly unlikely) hit. I still love both of these songs....