Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Paddy Ashdown strangles Sir Richard Dearlove with his bare hands

This morning Paddy Ashdown gave a wonderful hoofing to Sir Richard Dearlove on the Today programme. Dearlove is a former head of MI6 and was representing a group of senior members of the security establishment that has attacked Liberal Democrat policy on the fatuous grounds that it "deviates from the cross-party consensus".

On the Daily Telegraph site Andrew Gilligan quotes what Paddy said in reply to Dearlove:
“This is the man who delivered erroneous intelligence on WMD to Tony Blair in the Iraq war. I’m not about to take advice … from the man who after Tony Blair is probably the most responsible for the biggest foreign affairs blunder of our age.”
And Paul Waugh notes that in the course of the interview Paddy confirmed for the first time that he was a member of the intelligence services himself.

But we all knew that already.

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Tristan said...

If anything the LibDems are too close to the cross-party consensus on the warfare state and military-industrial-political complex that has got us into this sorry state of affairs.

As for these people complaining about it - I suspect their real motivation is that it would lose them money and power, both from government and from commercial oppotunities created by the 'security' and war policies (often seemingly created to futher these commercial interests than for any real benefit for the population of Britain)