Thursday, May 06, 2010

Election night at Bonkers Hall

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Conservatives hold Ludlow - damn. My Shropshire hills remain in enemy hands.

John Thurso holds his seat and John Pugh holds Southport.

And Michael Moore has held his seat too.

Labour hold Rochdale.

Lib Dems hold Bristol West.

Labour think they have held Islington South.

03:40 I didn't know there was a limit on Twitter.

Recount for Evan Harris in Oxford West & Abingdon.

Labour hold Ashfield after recount (I think).

There are fewer than 20 votes in it at Birmingham Edgbaston.

03:45 Blaydon and Newcastle upon Tyne North held by Labour. More Lib Dem targets missed.

Ed Balls said to be safe.

Lib Dems gain Redcar!

03:50 Conservatives gain Corby - despite the best efforts of the Labour candidate in Harborough, who spent much of his time there.

Sandra Gidley loses in Romsey.

Lib Dems needed at least 15.6 per cent swing to gain Redcar - and they did.

Recount at Hull North.

Tories win Meon Valley - a Lib Dem hope.

03:55 Swing in Redcar was 21.8 per cent.

Labour hold Leicester West.

Conservatives hold St Albans.

Labour hold Derby North.

Harborough Mail says: "Tory supporters at the harborough count predicting Edward Garnier will increase his majority."

04:00 Bob Russell holds Colchester.

Labour forecast to win back Norwich North.

Conservatives gain Wyre Forest from Dr Richard Taylor.

04:05 Lib Dems had a 5,000 majority in Redcar!

Labour hold Luton South.

Apparently Sky are foreceasting a Lib Dem gain in Derby South, which sounds odd.

Sir Robert Smith HOLDS Aberdeenshire West & Kincardine and Tom Brake wins too.

04:10 York Outer goes to the Conservatives.

Labour holds Bristol East - well, the postal votes looked good for them.

Lib Dems lose Hereford.

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