Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Liberal Democrats approve coalition deal

The meeting has just broken up.

The coalition deal was agreed unanimously by Lib Dem MPs and agreed by the party's Federal Executive with only one vote against.


George Street said...

It's a shame that your Party has closed and has joined the Conservatives. Good luck in your new Party, everyone.

Blognor Regis said...

The previous comment just arrived from 1916.

Anonymous said...

What a sham - thousands upon thousand of Lib/Dem voters are demanding their votes back.

Liberal Democrats have committed grand larceny - you have destroyed all the work millions of liberals have strived for over the years.

I suggest you change your name to CONDEM party.


Blognor Regis said...

So people voted Lib Dem hoping they wouldn't get into government and be able to advance their aims? Was this the "you can't blame me I voted LibDem" responsibility dodging card backfiring?

Anonymous said...

Please tell me we have not signed up to the Tories plans for compulsory contracting out privatising large sections of the NHS

Sure if staff like social enterprise thats ok - but no compulsion

Medical and nursing staff dont want privatisation and the patients dont need it either


Please Please Save our NHS from being sold off

Concerned NHS Lib Dem voting nurse

Anonymous said...

I feel the same as '1916' - as I'm sure millions of other soon-to-be former Lib Dem voters feel. A confidence-and-supply type arrangement enabling a minority Tory government, well perhaps, but a full blown coalition, cosying up nascentingly with the Tories, this is just jumping into bed with them politically. Your party will pay a terrible for this elecorally, AV or no AV (and no AV is more likely, as I'm sure you realise)

I for one will never, repeat never, ever vote Lib Dem again and in any AV election will not be ranking Lib Dem candidates so my vote is never transferred to you.

I used to be a convinced supporter of PR and electoral reform but the last few days have made me think that it is - as your coalition partners the Tories always claimed - simply a ruse to make you the permanent power brokers of British politics. If there is a referendum on electoral reform - which is a big if - I think I will probably sit on my hands

I'm grateful, however, to you and Nick Clegg et al for jolting me into the realisation that I should back Labour.

Looking forward to a torrid time in British politics and an awful lot of opposition to your new right-wing goverment.

An Ex-Lib Dem voter

Anonymous said...

so whats with the 55%

are we in North Korea

since when have Lib Dems sold out on democracy

crewegwyn said...

To ex-Lib Dem voters departing in droves (allegedly),

If you hate Conservatism more than you love liberalism, then Thank you and goodbye.

Anonymous said...

I did not realise that when you spoke about reforming voting systems you meant the 55% in the Commons.

In the short term you may have gained 20 pieces of silver but in the long term you have lost so much support (mine included).