Tuesday, February 01, 2011


I think I have put my finger on what is wrong with BBC's widely trailed new comedy series Episodes.

It isn't remotely funny.

Having already given up on it, I caught the last five minues of last night's episode by accident. They took at least 45 minutes to pass.

I suspect the writers are trying to create something after the comedy of embarrassment that made The Office so succesful. But many of us have worked in offices, so there was a large measure of recognition in that show's comedy.

By contrast, very few of us have worked in American television. So a few funny lines would be a help.


Gary said...

I totally agree with the post. It is downright junk.

Simon Titley said...

I have never worked in American TV but nevertheless find 'Episodes' quite amusing.

And that's the thing about Episodes. It is part of a new genre of BBC2 series - such as 'Roger and Val Have Just Got In' and 'The Trip' - which are hard to categorise.

They're comedies but not sit-coms - there aren't enough jokes and there's no laughter track or studio audience. But though dramatic, you couldn't quite categorise them as 'dramas' either.

So 'quite amusing' it is.

Jonathan Calder said...

I was enthusiastic about The Trip becasue I enjoyed the relationship between Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan in A Cock and Bull Story (and in their commentary on the DVD).

The problem, ironically, was that it did not go anywhere. We knew no more about them at the end of the series than we did at the start. Still, it was mildly amusing.

But to call Episodes that is stretching charity too far.

Unknown said...

The first episode of 'Episodes' was hilarious, but it quickly degenerated into a chick flick. The last straw for me being the scene where Bev is held down by Matt on the sofa and....suprise suprise....she stops struggling. Cringemakingly embarrassing!


Susie B said...

I think Episodes is the best thing on tv at the moment. The acting is great, the story lines have been fantastic and I think Matt Le Blanc is terrific. It is funny, clever and beautifully written. I love it!

Karen V said...

I love this series, it took 1 or 2 episodes to get into it's stride but now I love it. PLEASE do a second series....