Thursday, February 10, 2011

Six of the Best 129

Caron's Musings offers some calm reflection upon the enforced resignation of Matthew Oakeshott... and finds she is "probably even more livid than I was last night".

Characteristically, David Boyle gets to the heart of the matter on The Real Blog: "The real problem is this. It isn’t that banks are somehow unwilling to lend money to small businesses; it is that they are no longer set up to do so. They have no local managers empowered to take decisions. They have risk software that rules out most deals. They have such onerous conditions and charges that many SMEs shun them altogether."

The other big debate of the day has been the letter, published in The Times, from 17 Lib Dem council leaders and many other councillors saying that the government is cutting spending too fast. Gareth Epps explains why he would have signed it too.

Max Atkinson suggests that Oxford and Cambridge should weight their admissions procedures in favour of pupils from the state sector.

Chelsea fans are aware that it is many years since a player has gone from their youth team to a regular first-team place. looks at the prospects for the club's latest young hope, Josh McEachran.

Jones the Builder considers the architecture of the city where I work: "Leicester's heyday was the 1870s to the 1930s and this is very evident from the extraordinary flowering of the architecture of these years. With the outstanding exception of Stirling's Engineering Building at the University - one of the most thrilling structures in Britain - the architecture of post war Leicester has been a disappointment."

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