Tuesday, February 08, 2011

It's a five-meerkat race!

Good news! The shortlist from which the English town to be twinned with Merekovo will be selected has been published. And Meerkat Harborough is on it!

That list in full:
  • Meerkat Harborough
  • Windemeer
  • Meerkat Drayton
  • Weston-Super-Meer
  • Downham Meerkat
It's neck and neck! Every vote will count! So please vote for Meerkat Harborough now.


David said...

Voted. Simples ! (followed by noise like an old uncle winking at you)

Anonymous said...

At the time of writing, Harborough has 62% to Weston's 20% with the rest nowhere!

David said...

Scarcely a two-meerkat race! I note, however, that the site permits repeat voting....scarcely up to Electoral Reform Society standards...though I'm sure Meerkat Harborough supporters would not stoop so low.....