Monday, February 07, 2011

Mystery at St Luke's Hospital

Ten days ago the Leicester Mercury reported a setback with the provision of new hospital facilities for Market Harborough:
Health bosses in Market Harborough have been given the bad news their long-awaited new day care unit for the development of the St Luke's Hospital site has been damaged on its journey from the United Arab Emirates.

The problems were discovered when the purpose-built sections arrived at the docks in the UK.

However, health chiefs insist the damage is merely "cosmetic" and are planning to check out the problem first hand by visiting the port in the next few weeks.
This report was accompanied by a photograph of two local Liberal Democrat councillors looking suitably sombre.

But why was the unit coming from so far away in the first place? The Mercury has since done its best to find out, but the mystery just deepens.

Anyway, my photograph shows the last remnants of Market Harborough's workhouse, which used to occupy the St Luke's site. I believe they have been demolished since I took this photograph.

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Anonymous said...

This sort of nonsense completely incenses me. The eejits that sign off purchase orders such as these wouldn't last five minutes in the private sector...