Monday, February 14, 2011

Six of the Best 131

The opportunities offered by internships should not be auctioned off at black-tie balls, says David Skelton on the "modern liberal Conservative" blog Platform 10. And he is right.

Liberal Conspiracy, in the person of John Band, takes the Observer to task for supporting punishment without trial because of "generic paedo-hysteria under which won’t somebody think of the children? trumps all other concerns". He is right too.

Daniel Furr at Too lib·er·al [adj.] catches Brendan Barber saying something particularly silly: "The most worrying thing about the Big Society is that Prime Minister truly believes that polices of slash, burn and sack will make all our lives better, and not just for those for whom he is planning tax cuts.The logic of this is that his ideal society is Somalia where the state barely exists."

Cry for Freedom in Rwanda stands up against forced sterilisation.

Lib Dem blogger Nick Radford has been on his first barefoot run: "You feel like a bit of a rebel, like you are doing something against the rules, something slightly mad. Couple that with a profound sense of history and it is an exhilarating experience. The same thought kept repeating in my head as I ran: "this is how our ancestors ran", that "this is what human beings are designed for."

The Leicester blog Western Park Gazette writes about Western Park Open Air School: "The only way to secure long term protection for Western Park Open Air School is through the listing of this charming collection of buildings which are not only attractive and of architectural interest but also of social and medical historical interest, demonstrating the application of medical theories of the late Victorian and early twentieth centuries."

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