Sunday, February 06, 2011

Six of the Best 128

It's not the fault of MEPs that the European Parliament still has more than one home, says Disgruntled Radical. Blame the national veto.

"It was clearly a poll funded by some malingering trotskyite trade union with various leading questions about the horrid cuts." Living on Words Alone is polled by Yougov and finds that it confuses "deficit" and "debt" and also gets the name of the Liberal Democrats wrong.

Liberal Burblings supports the campaign to save Bude Sea Pool, which " is refreshed by the sea at nearly every high tide and was partly hewn out of the cliffside".

"The laddie is for turning," find Fraser Nelson on the Spectator's Coffee House blog. "In opposition, one of David Cameron’s strengths was the speed at which he dumped bad ideas. But, now, he is starting to acquire a habit for U-Turns – especially those called for by minor celebs."

Phil Booth has just stepped down after six years leading No2ID. Computer Weekly marks the occasion.

"It’s no hellhole, but still a far cry from the Fleet’s sixteenth-century heyday as one of London’s key tributaries, when, flanked by wharves and warehouses, it was a centre of London commerce. It separated Westminster from the City and carried cargo to the Thames." The Great Wen descends into the River Fleet.

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dreamingspire said...

Phil Booth & No2ID: "He recognised the need to work with everyone from the ministers pushing the programme, through the suppliers pushing the technology, to...". The suppliers, as well as other govt depts, were thoroughly puzzled about the scheme, because those pushing it never knew how it was supposed to work. All praise to Phil for his work there.
"the new citizen-centric, privacy friendly authentication schemes" is more than a bit tongue in cheek: our lot haven't even reached first base, while the Yanks are out there getting on with it in an open manner.