Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Six of the Best 135

Virtually Naked hails an improbable liberal hero. Eric Pickles today said: "“Many councils are internet-savvy and stream meetings online, but some don’t seem to have caught up with the times and are refusing to let bloggers or hyper-local news sites in. With local authorities in the process of setting next year’s budget this is more important than ever."

When I began writing, the four-volume Penguin edition of George Orwell's journalism was my bible. The Worcester Libertarian reviews a new selection of his articles for the Observer.

"The collapse of the Gadhaffi regime is a blow to Putin’s influence strategy, a massive loss to Russian exports,  and a personal setback for Putin himself," argues The Slog.

The problem is not that young people do not want to join the Scouts, says the Gyronny Herald, it is that there are not enough adults involved to enable them to do so.

Are group blogs the future or will individual blogs turn increasingly niche? Doctor Huw ponders the future of blogging.

From the North remembers Nicholas Courtney (Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart) whose death was announced today. Its writer "had the great good fortune to meet Nick, socially, on several occasions and found him to be one of the nicest, gentlest and funniest actors I've ever crossed paths with".

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