Monday, February 28, 2011

Let Lord Bonkers solve your problems

Lord Bonkers writes exclusively for Liberal England.

In shall me devoting my next Diary in Liberator to answering my readers' problems. You will be aware that I have unparalleled political experience, so whether you want to know the best way to write a Focus, to know what our policy should be on the Levant or to know what the dickens T.H.Green was on about, then I am your man.

Remember too that I have many friends and employees upon whom I may call. Meadowcroft can advise you on gardening, Nanny on health problems, the Reverend Hughes on spiritual matters and so forth.

I am afraid that I cannot enter into individual correspondence, but all your emails will be read - especially if they include a 5/- postal order. Please write to me at Bonkers Hall.

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Unknown said...

This is going to be brilliant. Everyone needs to subscribe to Liberator again immediately.......