Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Net censorship in Rutland

Martin Brookes reports that Rutland County Council has blocked access to his blog in Oakham Library. As Martin has been known to be critical of that council's members, as well as members of the town council, I presume this is censorship for political reasons.

The hard-pressed taxpayers of Rutland, who fund the library, are entitled to read criticism of their elected representatives. This censorship should end at once.

Besides where will it end?

Lord Bonkers telephones exclusively: I heard a particularly juicy piece of gossip about the Duke of Rutland this afternoon. Apparently, he was seen emerging from... Hello? Hello?

Later. Martin Brookes has received a reply from the chief executive of Rutland County Council that confirms that his blog has been blocked. Extraordinary.


Frank Little said...

Perhaps Rutland should be abolished again.

Jonathan Calder said...

I know I am against censorship, but there are limits you know.