Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Liberal Democrats say Save Harborough Museum

Harborough Museum reopened in September 2009 after a major refurbishment to allow it to display the nationally important Hallaton Treasure.

But the Conservative-run Harborough District Council is now proposing to scrap the museum's £102,500 budget for assistant staff, which threatens to lead to its closure. In response, Market Harborough Historical Society, which helped set up the museum in 1983, has launched a petition to save it.

I am pleased to say that the local Liberal Democrats have come out strongly in support of the continuing existence of the Harborough Museum. The Lib Dem group on Harborough District says the council has been given and saved an extra £200,000 since this cut was proposed. The group was to restore £48,000 to the staffing budget to ensure that the museum stays open.

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Tom May said...

Many would say that he who lives by the sword (or rather signs up willingly to Osborne's CSR with its punitive cuts to council budgets) will die by it...

Perhaps some LDs are seeing through the propaganda that massive cuts have to be prioritised so quickly: