Friday, February 18, 2011

Liberal Democrats gain seat in Shrewsbury

Last night the Liberal Democrats gained the Quarry and Coton Hill division of Shropshire Council from the Conservatives in a by-election.

Liberal Democrat Voice has the full result:
LD Andrew Bannerman 356 (41.8; +5.7)
Con 268 (31.5; -12.1)
Lab 197 (23.1; +23.1)
Ind 30 (3.5; -2.3)
[Green (0.0; -14.4)]
Majority 88
Turnout 30.47%
LD gain from Con
Percentage change is since June 2009.
And Shrewsbury Liberal Democrats will tell you all about our winning candidate:
Welcoming the Result Dr Charles West said:
“Andrew Bannerman has lived and worked in Shrewsbury and for Shrewsbury for many years. He cares passionately for the town and has campaigned on traffic issues, tourism and for better facilities for young people. He is just the sort of councillor we need to see working for the local community and we are delighted to see that his contribution has been recognised.”
Heather Kidd added:
“This election was hard fought but most importantly we had a great candidate. Andrew Bannerman will make an excellent councillor for this town centre Division. The people have chosen the best man for the job. I am delighted that they recognised that fact above the party politics which began to raise its head in the last few days.”
Best of all, the ALDC site tells us that Andrew is a relation of the Liberal prime minister Henry Campbell-Bannerman.


shrewsbury-lovinggwyn said...

Sound folk in Shropshire eh?

Anonymous said...

May be a big thank you from the workers you imported from ludlow to fight this seat you have been elected by the stcra as you have supported them writing letters to papers supporting them labour did well considering they had posters pulled down from lamp posts your vote went up by 3 from last time you stood against maxwell winchester the torys did you a favour with their candidate.