Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Harborough Tories deselect council vice-chairman

Working out what is happening within Harborough Conservatives is the preserve of former Kremlinologists. But I thought it worth noting this story from last week's Harborough Mail:
Decades of tradition at Harborough District Council is set to be broken this spring after the Tories decided to dump a Fleckney councillor – the council’s vice-chairman – ahead of the upcoming local elections.

For many years, convention at the council has dictated that the vice-chairman will always take on the chairmanship the following year.

But news emerged this week that Harborough Conservative Association had deselected Cllr Smith ahead of the May 5 polls.
In the accompanying photograph Mr Smith appears badly pixelated (come to think of it, that may be why he was deselected), but it is possible to make out that he has a magnificent handlebar moustache. We are talking Sir Gerald Nabarro or Jimmy Edwards here.

What can it all mean?

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