Saturday, February 12, 2011

Six of the Best 130

Liberal Democrat Voice has news of the decision of eight former Liberal Democrat candidates take part in Labour’s policy-making process. That decision is announced in an article by Richard Grayson in an article in the forthcoming issue of Liberator. (The magazine's website appears to be offline at present, so for a year's subscription - eight issues - send a cheque for £25 to Liberator Publications, Flat 1, 24 Alexandra Grove, London N4 2LF.) I am never going to oppose dialogue between parties, but own view is that is the Liberal Democrats' policies we should be worrying about.

Elsewhere, cross-party co-operation is not going so smoothly. Richard Kemp reports that right-wing newspapers, cheered on by one Conservative politician at least, have been digging into his and his wife's personal finances.

Lib Dem blogger Stratagem XXXVIII hopes the Localism Bill create a new era of architecture for the people.

Henry Farrell reviews The Net Delusion: How Not to Liberate the World by Evgeny Morozov for the THES: "It is presumably rather inconvenient for Morozov that he is trying to publicise this book at a moment when social media and al-Jazeera are working together to disseminate revolution from Tunisia to Egypt and perhaps elsewhere."

Unmitigated England visits the Abbey Pumping Station in Leicester. This was one of the museums threatened with closure in Leicester City Council's programme of spending cuts, but the latest news is that they will not be closing after all.

Want to see paintings of leading philosophers and literary theorists menaced by bears? Gordon Lester obliges.

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Unknown said...

There are times when it's ok to be tribal, I think. I wouldn't want Labour or Tories interfering in our policy making process.

I respect the decision of those who are contributing to Labour's, but I tend to agree with you.