Friday, June 17, 2011

Baptised in the Jordan at Braybrooke

In Braybrooke the other day I came across the appealing theory that the River Jordan, which flows through both that village and my own of Little Bowden, got its name because the Baptists in the former village used it to baptise people.

A couple of people left informative comments on that post and I have since come across a bit more supportive evidence.

In an old Northampton Chronicle and Echo article the nameless author recalls:
I once spoke to Norman Foster who, since 1965, had been lay Pastor of Braybrooke Baptist Church. He was eager to give me all the details.

He had been told by older members of his flock that their parents remembered being baptised in the Braybrooke River Jordan.
Incidentally, the stones around the base of the village sign are said to have been salvaged from the site of Braybrooke castle.

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