Saturday, June 04, 2011

Six of the Best 164

There has been much disquiet in Liberal Democrat circles at the news that the people constituency parties send to the party's Conference now have to be approved both by Cowley Street. Disgruntled Radical makes a substantial contribution to the debate.

It gets worse. Welcome to Spiderplant Land points out that, while campaigning to keep the cheque, the party is refusing to accept them itself.

Did you get any Olympic tickets? Ian Ridley writes: "An online survey is being used to gather data on who has  tickets to see if the distribution was even-handed. Initial results seemed to indicate that you had to apply for around £1500 worth of tickets to have a chance of getting any."

FlavorWire offers a brief survey of some of the most ridiculous anti-drugs propaganda ever produced.

My favourite book of last year, Electric Eden, is reviewed in the New York Times.

Diamond Geezer has been to see the new Hepworth Wakefield gallery: "Given a choice between here and the Turner Contemporary, sorry Margate, I'd come here. Whether it's worth a lengthy trek from London, that's another matter, but oh you lucky folk who live up North, Wakefield's opened a treat."

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