Sunday, June 05, 2011

Jonathan Miller wins Snob of the Day

You don't hear much about him these days, but Dr Jonathan Miller makes what will be a welcome return to the limelight by winning our Snob of the Day award for his comments on the singer Alfie Boe.

In the course of his appearance on Desert Island Discs, Boe admitted that, though he appears in it, he does not enjoy watching it.

Step forward Dr Miller, as quoted in the Independent:
"It's very peculiar. If Alfie Boe thinks opera is boring then it's very odd that he's in it at all. I've only worked with him once and he sings rather well but I know he comes from something other than opera. He was a car mechanic, I believe."


Richard T said...

As you say, Jonathan Miller ha sbeen too quiet of late. Being an irretrievably silly man, he does add to the simple pleasures of life much like Charles Moore and the genuine article Lord Rees Mogg, whose son looks like becoming an adornment to the lighter side of life as well.

Kimpatsu said...

Jonathan Miller is a great man. Did you never watch his Brief History of Atheism?