Friday, June 03, 2011

Lord Bonkers' Diary: Lord Acton on Lembit Opik

Another visit to Rutland's most celebrated fictional peer...

I am often asked what accounts for the sad demise of Lembit Opik. Having contrived to lose a seat that we Liberals had held for all but four of the last 130 years, he was last heard of filming a “reality moving television” series with Michael Barrymore, whose once-stellar career went into sharp decline after [redacted] the shallow end. I fear this will do nothing to restore his credibility (Barrymore, I mean, obviously).

But what, as I say, accounts for Opik's demise? I feel Lord Acton, at whose feet I sat as a very young man, put his finger on the explanation when he wrote: “All Powys tends to corrupt; absolute Powys corrupts absolutely.”

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Richard T said...

Do you get a sad whiff of Harold Davidson (late Rector of Stiffkey)?