Friday, June 10, 2011

Lynne Featherstone calls on chief executive of Great Ormond Street Hospital to resign

The term "social worker" is often used as easy and unfair shorthand when the shortcomings of the caring professions are discussed. This was certainly the case in the death of Peter Connelly ("Baby Peter"), when the medical profession bore a heavy responsibility too.

And yesterday Mark Pack reported on Liberal Democrat Voice:
Liberal Democrat MP Lynne Featherstone today called for Jane Collins, Chief Executive of Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH), to resign after the BBC published evidence that key criticisms of the hospital were withheld from an inquiry into the death of Baby Peter. In a further twist today, claims by the hospital that they subsequently did provide all the evidence to a second investigation were denied by the person who ran that investigation.
Lynne Featherstone added on her own blog:
Haringey was rightly in the spotlight as the lead agency in the wake of the Baby P tragedy – but perhaps that spotlight detracted from the terribly dangerous conditions in which vulnerable children were being left by the management failures by GOSH.

The fact that these failings – this vital information – never reached the Serious Case Review because it was removed from the addendum submitted to the Serious Case Review is a scandal. Dr Collins is the author of the addendum.

I have called for an investigation into the withholding of this vital information and wait to see whether real justice will be done.
For the full background to Great Ormond Street's involvement in this case, Lynne commended a report on the BBC London pages.


Dan Falchikov said...

I've blogged about this too. Surely the Noble Lord must have crossed swords with the doughty Mildred Creak (though I don't know if she ever visited Rutland)?

Anonymous said...

Peter Connolly surely, not Corrigen?

Jonathan Calder said...

In fact it's Connelly. Thanks.