Saturday, June 04, 2011

John Reid features in Correction of the Day

From the Corrections and Clarifications column in this morning's Guardian:
A commentary by John Reid ... omitted to make clear that the former home secretary is a paid director of the security company G4S Regional Management (UK & Ireland) Ltd. Guardian guidelines put the onus on editors to ensure that, in the case of external contributions to the newspaper, a writer's personal, philosophical or financial connections are spelled out at the end of the piece when these relate to the subject matter.
I think it would be best if the old brute could have this financial interest tattooed on his forehead, so no one could possibly be unaware of it.


Kimpatsu said...

Only if we can also tattoo Vince Cable in the same way.

dock station hdd fw800 said...

Applauding causes milk to be ejected from my nose. Did they post this under corrections? Someone is in big trouble. I read the release, which was on the White House website, when it stated ‘(laughter).” Now, I see that it has been changed to “(applause).” But what is the truth? Did the White House just doctor the transcript to mislead the public? Or was a mistake originally made in the transcript? If the former, this information should be blasted all over the place.