Saturday, June 11, 2011

Six of the Best 166

Mark Cole attended Andrew Reeves's funeral in Edinburgh on Wednesday: "It was a desperately sad occasion but one which was made easier by the wonderful support that Andrew and in his absence his partner Roger, received from their extended Liberal Democrat family from across the country."

"There are three key features to healthcare in this country at the moment. The first is that it is very expensive; the second is that the amount we are prepared to spend on it is limited; the third is that we are prepared to do very little about it." A Comfortable Place on the NHS.

Max Atkinson mourns and tries to account for the decline of oratory in British politics.

You may have heard that, shamefully, a blogger was arrested the other day for filming a meeting of Camarthenshire Council on her phone. Carmathernshire Planning Problems and more has the full story.

Slightly Right of Centre writes on the abject failure of South West Trains when faced with major signalling problems on Thursday evening: "I get the distinct feeling that leaving passengers - most of whom were expecting total journey times of under an hour - stranded on stationary trains was a "least worst" option. Never mind the insulin user or the heavily pregnant ladies; the operation to get passengers off the trains would cause other headaches for South West Trains, such as providing alternative onward journey options and reimbursing taxi fares."

This blog has been concerned with the Zombies of late, so I am linking here to a superb post from a couple of years ago by Andrew Hickey: A Beginner's Guide to the Zombies.


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