Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Six of the Best 167

"If elected officials resort to using superinjunctions - how can the public, who elect them, actually know whether it is a legitimate move to protect family privacy or something more sinister to hide the sort of activities that would make the the MP or candidate unsuitable for public office?" Living on Words Alone considers the issues raised by the news that Zac Goldsmith was granted a super injunction to prevent his private life being discussed before the last election.

Yellow Tinted Spectacles visits Cowley Street.

When your beliefs are challenged with facts, you alter your opinions and incorporate the new information into your thinking. Nonsense! says You Are Not So Smart.

Philosophy in pubs: what's that all about then? Leicester's Equality & Diversity Officer explains.

The Complete Spring Heeled Jack Page examines a 19th century urban myth.

"St Pancras may well deserve to be lauded as a Victorian cathedral of steam, but Somers Town was its essential counterpart: a temple to consumerism on a massive scale. The goods yard, however, could not muster a line up of poets and architectural historians to shield it from the wrecker’s ball. So while St Pancras was spared, its unsung adjunct was levelled." Current Archaeology excavates the secrets of Somers Town Goods Yard


thenevster said...

What's with the sudden Spring-Heeled Jack obsession, Bonkers? First "Primeval" then "Luther" now "Bonkers". All within a week.

Jack The Ripper is going to be well miffed at all this upstaging.

Anonymous said...

Incredibly interesting though, never heard of this legend before.