Thursday, June 23, 2011

Six of the Best 169

Strange Thoughts enjoyed the first Social Liberal Forum conference but "won't be signing up any time soon".

Nick Clegg's support for the idea of making over government-owned bank shares to the British people delights Paul McGarry.

"Back in the 2010 election, the Conservatives launched their manifesto as ‘an invitation to join the Government of Britain.’ This was a slightly clunky phrase, and wasn’t easy to explain on the doorstep – but the theme running through it was the ambition to ‘give people much more say over the things that affect their daily lives… We will make government, politics and public services much more open and transparent." The liberal Tory blog Platform 10 thinks it would be a tragedy if that ambition ever started to falter.

Heckler Spray finds Leicester seemingly untroubled by the frequency of zombie attacks.

"The adoption in 1811 of the Commissioners’ Plan for New York laid out in a single bold stroke the Manhattan street plan up to 155th Street (leaving the area north of there for future planners to address). Though it would take the rest of the 19th century to build, this gridiron of twelve north-south avenues and 155 east-west streets would fundamentally shape the future of New York and become an emblem of the city itself." The Architectural League NY on the past and future of Manhattan's distinctive street plan.

Back home, Love London Council Housing celebrates the Boundary Estate, which dates from 1900.

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