Saturday, June 18, 2011

Six of the Best 168

Today saw the first conference of the Social Liberal Forum. Gareth Epps was there and made a valiant attempt to live blog Vince Cable's speech.

Caron's Musings went to a Liberal Vision event instead. No, not that Liberal Vision: it is a new group "aimed at developing a Liberal Vision for the future of Scotland by applying fundamental principles of Liberal philosophy and social democracy to foreseeable changes in our country over the next decade". Hmm.

"We were very clear when we made out submission to Reg Bailey that the sexualisation agenda is in danger of becoming dominated by the obvious padded bra and pole dancing kits, and ignores at its peril the broader and more insidious objectification and commercialisation which is taking place across our high streets and online." Having chosen the wrong fortnight to go on holiday, PinkStinks is back with an excellent post.

Gore Vidal's New York Review of Books article is almost 50 years old, but it is interesting to read his view of E. Nesbit.

Flannelled Fools overs a trenchant reaction to the news that England are to play two extra T20 internationals in late September to keep Sky happy: "The English county game has become a cheap sideshow as a result of all the marketing effort being addressed towards the pyjama-clad antics of an overpaid cohort of international prima donnas."

News of Tory misbehaviour in St Albans comes from Sandy Walkington. It dates from 1904, but that is no excuse.

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