Tuesday, June 07, 2011

St Luke's, Market Harborough: NHS terminates construction contract

BBC News reports:
An NHS trust in Leicestershire has said a contract to build part of a new hospital has been terminated.

NHS Leicestershire County and Rutland had been using construction firm Modcon UK Ltd for the Day Case Unit at St Luke's Hospital in Market Harborough.

Work had faced a number of delays and health bosses issued an ultimatum last month.

The trust said it was now taking legal advice over the possibility of recouping costs from Modcon.
Local Lib Dem councillor Phil Knowles tells this blog:
"The platitudes and I'm sorry's in the trust press release will have been sincerely made but they count for nothing in the midst of yet more problems and broken promises.

This scheme it seems now won't happen till early 2012, what assurances can be given of that new deadline being met? If the costs of third party contractors to make this facility usable are over and above the allocated funds for this section of the build, will the cost impact on the overall £9.5 million for the total scheme?

There are so many more questions. Someone at the very top of the Trust needs to accept responsibility and to get hold of this whole situation as it rapidly descends into a circus and bring the scheme to provide Harborough with its new hospital facility to a speedy and satisfactory conclusion."

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