Wednesday, June 01, 2011

The Nick Clegg cookbook

In the current issue of Sainsbury's Magazine (my copy was bought from their Market Harborough store earlier this afternoon) the three party leaders choose their favourite recipes.

Nick Clegg plumps for pasta with peas and bacon - "it's a nice weekend lunch for three hungry boys".

David Cameron chooses a pasta dish, while Ed Miliband goes for a tuna melt. That's right: a sandwich. Once again, the Miliband leadership is made to look a work in progress.

It is hard to imagine Harold Macmillan agreeing to take part in such a stunt, but the fact that men now feel they need to know a bit about cooking is surely an encouraging sign.


Unknown said...

During the election, Miriam didn't seem impressed with our boy's culinary skills in one of the profiles I saw.

Simon Titley said...

I haven’t seen the original article, but what is striking about all three leaders’ choice of “favourite recipe” is that none are really recipes. They sound more like convenience food.

Also, none show any sign of British heritage; two are Italian-ish, while Miliband’s tuna melt is American.

In this, all three leaders sound typical of the British middle classes. They spend over £20k on fitting out their kitchens, buy all Nigella’s books, but then dine on convenience food or eat out.

The question is, are the leaders actually typical of the middle class or did their PR advisers choose recipes that would make them look typical, in a bid to woo the ‘centre ground’ in Sainsbury’s?

dreamingspire said...

Re Nick's choice: didn't someone onse say that there are "three of us in this marriage"? Who is the third here?