Sunday, September 23, 2012

Grant Shapps keeps on giving

So where are we with Grant Shapps? We recently blogged about his - how shall I put it? - colourful history when it comes to the internet and then came news that he appears to have signed off the demolition of demolition of many houses in the North by accident.

Yesterday's Guardian revealed that, while a Conservative candidate, attended "a $3,000-a-head internet conference in Las Vegas" under a false name. The newspaper printed a photograph of him wearing a 'Michael Green' name badge on its front page.

That photo also revealed that Shapps has the eyes of Beelzebub though, to be fair, that may be a trick of the light.

Now Political Scrapbook is entertaining us with details of his  internet marketing businesses:
“In ‘Stinking Rich 3′ I go WAY BEYOND the regular marketing hype to reveal YOUR secret path to online success” 
“In ‘Stinking Rich 3′ I quite literally show you how to create your own profit-generating ‘Game Plan’ right from scratch!” 
“But if (like me) you’re the skeptical type then you’ll want to see some slam-dunk proof and evidence that my approach actually works. Click over to and check out BOTH of my aircrafts!”
The Conservative Party used to be well supplied with old buffers who could spot a wrong 'un when they saw one. No longer, it seems.

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