Tuesday, September 04, 2012

On feeling a little sorry for my Tory MP

The Harboroiugh Mail has the press release issued by Edward Garnier after he was sacked as Solicitor General:
“Of course it is disappointing to lose one’s job in Government but losing out in politics is not unheard of and often has nothing to do with merit or messing things up. 
“The Prime Minister told me that I had done an excellent job as Solicitor General but he needed to change the faces round the table. My replacement, [North East Hertfordshire MP] Oliver Heald, will enjoy the work as I have – it is a huge honour to work in Government and even more as a senior barrister in the Commons to be a law officer. 
“I will miss it but have plenty to be getting on with out of Government.”
I have always been puzzled by Garnier's lack of preferment, given that he appears personable and competent - two qualities rare among MPs of all parties.

While the Tories were in opposition he even suffered the indignity of being dropped in favour of Bill Cash. He certainly deserved better than that.

If I may end by being the first to start a new by-election rumour, there have always been stories that Garnier had ambitions to be a judge. If he concludes that his ministerial career is over, perhaps he will devote his efforts to his legal career instead?

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Charles Beaumond said...

Garnier is the kind of Tory that is dying out: courteous, open-minded, strong hinterland. Shame to see him passed over.