Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Vince Cable's grandson speaks at Westminster

The Evening Standard reports:
A London schoolboy will eclipse the teenage William Hague’s famous Tory Party conference speech tonight when he presents a campaigning film he has made about animal welfare to MPs at the Commons at the age of nine. 
Ayrton Cable - grandson of Business Secretary Vince - said he was “not nervous” about appearing before the invited audience of politicians and lobbyists.
Farmers Guardian (which manages to report an event that hasn't happened yet in the past tense) quotes Ayrton further:
“With method of production labelling people can choose either to buy meat and cheese from animals which are kept in a kinder system, even though this may cost a bit more,” he said. “Or they could choose intensively farmed food, which may be cheaper, but which has been made using animals who suffered.”
Ayrton is to be congratulated on identifying the key issue in animal welfare (though he looks older than nine in the Standard's photograph). By contrast, the RSPCA has generally preferred to campaign on things like hunting and the regulations on keeping pets.

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