Sunday, September 09, 2012

Grant Shapps' problems with the internet

As I possess that rare thing among Liberal Democrats - a soft spot for Baroness Warsi - I have been amused by three Guardian stories today about her successor Grant Shapps:
And they have reminded me of an incident that took place in 2007 during the Ealing Southall by-election. As Mark Pack revealed on Liberal Democrat Voice, the following comment was posted on a Liberal Democrat campaign video:
Okay, realistically we’re not going to win though. Especially since the Tories have just received 5 defecting Councillors from Labour. Don’t quite know how they’ve done it, but the Tories have stolen a march on us this time.
It was certainly meant to look like a comment from a Lib Dem activist, but it was posted from Grant Shapps' Youtube account.

Shapps, then a shadow housing minister and the man in charge of the Tory campaign in the by-election, denied the accusation. He gave his explanation of the incident to Iain Dale, the writer of the leading Conservative blog in those days, saying that his account had been hijacked.

The comments on that post suggest that not everyone was convinced.


Martin Brookes @oakhamuk said...

I was watching a show about Google yesterday on CNN and afer the show I googled, Google. Funnily that article is one of the top news items that pops up. The article has links to most of the web sites. I clicked on a few. They look basic if not dodgy.
I imagine the Shapps' family are very grateful for the media publicity.

Anonymous said...

"My account was hacked" is the new "dog ate my homework."

Anonymous said...


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