Thursday, September 20, 2012

Nick Clegg "might just have struck gold"

Earlier today I posted The Poke's parody of Nick Clegg's apology over tuition fees, suggesting it has made him cool again.

Since then The Poke has asked for permission to release the parody as an iTunes single and Nick has agreed, asking for any proceeds to go to Sheffield Children's NHS Foundation Trust.

This is brilliant for Nick, and not just because it shows the public that he has a sense of humour and supports good causes.

It has established this rather kind parody - "I strangely find this rather moving" says a commenter on my earlier post - as the official, charity-endorsed one. As a result it will be widely played and any crueler parodies will get less attention.

Well done to Nick's team. I suspect Fraser Nelson will be proved right.

Lord Bonkers adds: I should have liked something in that jolly "Gangnam style" they have nowadays.

Featured on Liberal Democrat Voice

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

"... it has made him cool again."

I think "laughing stock" is the phrase you're looking for.

Though admittedly that's kinder than what he deserves.