Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Six of the Best 276

"The failure of leadership was compounded by the way in which the authorities reacted to the disaster. As the report makes clear, the attempts to evade responsibility, the prevarication of certain officers and officials, and the conduct of some parts of the media turned a tragedy into a scandal and prolonged the agony of the families who lost loved ones." Matt Gallagher writes on today's report from the inquiry into the Hillsborough disaster."

Jonathan Fryer attended Nick Clegg's equal marriage celebration.

"Malls offer a false sense of community, kicking you out when the shops close at 5pm. The high street on the other hand is a place for all." On NewStart, Gilbert Rochecouste talks to Clare Goff about ways of revitalising Australia's towns.

"The brilliant, infuriating, persistent, renegade psychiatrist Thomas Szasz has died." Mind Hacks pays tribute to the author of The Myth of Mental Illness.

Heresy Corner on Channel 4's decision to pull a second screening of Tom Holland's documentary  In The Shadow of the Sword.

Victoria Walden reviews Michael Rosen's biography of Roald Dahl for the TES.

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