Sunday, September 30, 2012

Six of the Best 281

A Scottish Liberal offers a cool and measured response to Nick Clegg's Conference speech.

"The challenge now is to set the policy into a strong narrative of enhancing and embedding liberty through the spreading of wealth/ownership and power. Central to that policy will be a return to the Liberal Party's commitment of using government action  to achieve it. Politely asking the average shyster capitalist for a slice of his profits and control is not going to work!" Birkdale Focus wants the Liberal Democrats to rediscover their predecessors' enthusiasm for employee ownership.

Brown Moses Blog looks at the murder of Daniel Morgan, a private detective who was murdered just as he was reportedly close to revealing police corruption with links to the News of the World.

Edward Lucas reviews Anne Applebaum's "Iron Curtain: The Crushing of Eastern Europe 1944-56" for Standpoint.

"Perhaps the most rapturous applause of the day was saved for Chris Packham, who appeared holding a dead starling’s wing, a fox’s skull and clutching his boyhood nature diaries. Seeing him rail against fluorescent tabards, marigold gloves and disinfectant hand gel was a sight to behold." Jules Howard reports back from the Natural Childhood summit for Countryfile Magazine.

dymchurchworldnews on the things you find on the beach.

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