Saturday, September 15, 2012

Grumpygate rocks Telford & Wrekin Council

From the Shropshire Star:
Tory group leader Andrew Eade stormed across the council chamber to confront Labour rival Clive Elliott and told him: “We can sort this out outside.” 
Councillor Elliott, a member of the Labour Cabinet on Telford and Wrekin Council, had said: “What does he do for his Special Responsibility Allowance? 
“Even the seven dwarves went out to work. I can see some of them here: Sneezy, Sleepy, Dozy, Happy, Doc and Bashful. 
“What I don’t see is any leadership from Grumpy.”
Councillor Eade said to mayor Kevin Guy, chair of the meeting: “Either you shut him up or I will” before getting up to stand next to Councillor Elliott. 
He said: “Do you want to come and talk about it outside? Come on. We can sort this out outside.”
Thanks to a tweet from Harry Cole for the happy coinage 'grumpygate'.

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