Sunday, September 23, 2012

Jersey comes to Brighton

TheJerseyWay posts two BBC Radio Jersey interviews that are worthy of attention.

The American investigative journalist Leah McGrath Goodman talks about her continuing struggle with British and Jersey authorities to be allowed to work on the island again:

And then Jersey assistant chief minister Senator Sir Philip Bailhache reveals that he is attending the Liberal Democrat Conference in Brighton.

As well as engaging in "casual discussions" he wants to meet Tom McNally, the minister responsible for the Crown dependencies, and John Hemming, the Liberal Democrat MP who recently raised his concerns about the governance of Jersey in the House of Commons.

In this interview he accuses John of abusing his position as an MP, so that should be an interesting meeting.

Meanwhile, if you meet Sir Philip you may want to ask him how Jersey's status as a tax haven can be squared with the Liberal Democrats' belief in fair taxation.


Anonymous said...

There are even one or two Lib Dem supporters and former members in Jersey. Mind you have to look very hard to find them. See St Ouennais

Anonymous said...

One hopes that Lib Dem supporters will be embarrassed by Nick Clegg's apology for the Jersey Tax Haven and its activities.

A veritable sell out to the 1% who use and benefit from them.

As Senator Bailhache (Jersey's Foreign Minister peripatetic) has said "if it smells like bad fish don't touch it."