Monday, February 12, 2024

A second attempt to find Jim Dale's birthplace in Rothwell

First, an apology. The photograph of Jim Dale's birthplace I posted just before Christmas was nothing of the sort, as I was misled by false information on what looked like an authoritative local history site.

So, better briefed, I went back to Rothwell today to try again.

Jim Dale was born (as James Smith) in a cottage in Fox Street that has since been demolished. It was one of a row that stood across the road from the entrance to the United Reform Church, so it would have been where the houses are in the photo above.

I was sorry to see that the church has closed and been put up for sale. I photographed it in 2011 and its former Sunday school too. The sale notice mentioned the possibility of building a four-bedroom house on the site, but I don't see how this can be fitted in without demolishing something.

The better news is that the house that Jim Dale spent most of his childhood in is still standing in Jubilee Street, around the corner from the false birthplace I showed you last time.


A Rambling Ducky said...

Looking at the sales particulars for the church, I think the 4-bed house on the for sale board is the Manse, which has already been sold - they were on the same title. The Church itself is Grade II* listed, and the listing includes much of the interior, including pews, pulpit, and War Memorial.

The church was established in a barn on the same site in 1655, and one of its Ministers, Richard Davis or Davies, had a significant role in the separation of Congregationalism from the 'Union' of Presbyterians and Independents.

Jonathan Calder said...

That makes more sense, thank you.