Friday, February 02, 2024

Missing monkey trapped by yorkshire pudding in Scotland

The Guardian wins our Headline of the Day Award, despite the judges' misgivings about the lack of a capital letter in yorkshire. 

I pointed out in reply that the Guardian is so down on the things that "Scotland" was lucky to get one, and I tend to follow its approach on this blog.

The whole story is enjoyable - I expect it to be a movie before the year is out:

“I’ve been thinking why the world needed a story about an escaped monkey in the Highlands,” Nagle added. “I’ve watched a lot more news bulletins in the last week and most of the news is really bleak viewing.”

“It’s not divisive,” said his partner, Tina. “Everyone can rally round a missing monkey.”

Local traders have not missed the opportunity to capitalise on the simian hoopla: a local gardening supplies company has upgraded its advertising to include a macaque pushing a lawnmower, while Aviemore Hot Tub Services had a mock-up of a monkey enjoying the warm bubbles and “living his best life”.

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