Wednesday, February 14, 2024

The climate crisis just got real: Worcestershire CCC may have to find a new ground

From BBC News:

Worcestershire may have no choice but to move home if water levels continue to rise at New Road, their County Championship base since 1899, chief executive Ashley Giles has warned.

The promoted Pears' short-term mission is to have the pitch fit for the first home game on 19 April against Durham.

But Giles says that, as Pears CEO, his first job is also to "consider the club's long-term sustainability".

"The situation is worsening, and we need to keep an eye on it," he said.

Speaking in the county's own new Three Pears Chat video, which was launched over the weekend, Giles said: "The stats say in the last 20 years we've had as many high floods as they did in the previous 100."

Those quotations are taken from Three Pears Chat, Worcestershire County Cricket Club's new monthly videocast. If you stay on this site to watch it you will see the relevant portion of the discussion.

The New Road ground at Worcester has a special place in the affections of cricket fans of a certain age, as this was where countries on a test tour of England traditionally played their opening first-class game.

And I can recommend the tea and cakes in the Ladies Pavilion.


Anonymous said...

Somehow, I just know that if they are forced to leave their ground, the site will be sold off for housing. Flooding may stop cricket, but it doesn't stop building speculators.

Anonymous said...

One can get a good view of the Worcestershire ground from the top of Worcester cathedral. I wonder if any other cathedral offers this facility?

Phil Beesley said...

Gloucester and Worcester are at roughly the same altitude so Worcestershire's ground may be visible from Gloucester cathedral.

Ian van Dahl said...

The prospect of county cricket moving out of Worcester to the higher ground of Kidderminster is pretty stark. Can't the city council do something like lower the Atlantic or reverse global warming?