Saturday, February 17, 2024

Lord Bonkers' Diary: Right up to the day they cut his head off

Heavens! I've seldom known the old boy so forthright. Freddie and Fiona did eventually relent and allow Ed Davey to apologise, but I doubt that has been enough to quell the passion in the village - or in Lord Bonkers' breast.


Did you see Mr Bates vs The Post Office? It shocked me, I will confess. If they can get away with treating Toby Jones like that, is any of us safe? 

In London on business this afternoon, I make time to beard Davey in his Westminster Office. “Don’t you think you should say you’re sorry?” I ask him. “It’s not as if anyone thinks it’s all your fault.” “It’s Freddie and Fiona,” he explains. “They won’t let me.” “Then you’d better find yourself some better advisers,” I return. “I have to tell you that it went down very badly in the village when Mr Patel was dragged off to gaol.” 

On the journey back to Rutland, I reflect on our strange way of always blaming a leader’s advisers rather than the leader himself. Parliament was saying Charles I was poorly advised right up to the day they cut his head off.

Lord Bonkers was Liberal MP for Rutland South West, 1906-10.

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Crewe Gwyn said...

They cut the head off the noble Lord's woodlands?

I think you may need to do some editing there on the old guy's behalf?

Jonathan Calder said...

It's sorted, thank you.