Friday, February 23, 2024

The Joy of Six 1206

Timothy Garton Ash argues that it’s time for Europe to get serious about a Ukrainian victory: "On their own, countries such as the Czech Republic and Denmark can’t possibly do what it takes to enable Ukraine to hold off Russia. As the US fatefully hesitates, this requires Europe’s big boys – Germany and France above all – to step into the breach, rapidly buying that ammunition the Czechs have found; acting fast, unbureaucratically and at scale; and explaining to their publics why it’s vital that they do."

"Jewish people are, not surprisingly, as diverse a group as any other. They do not think alike. They do not all agree when it comes to politics. They don't share the same perspective on issues such as Zionism, the future of Palestine, Israel's current leadership (the anti-Netanyahu protests in the last year underline this) or the approach towards Hamas." Andrew Page says, rightly, that there must be no room of antisemitism in the Liberal Democrats.

Believing in conspiracy theories can be deadly. Ted Conover has the tragic tale of a mother with no backcountry experience who took her sister and 13-year-old son to live off the grid on a 10,000-foot mountain during a Colorado winter.

Modernism in Metroland on the 1964 buildings that have gone on to be lauded as classic designs and listed, as well as influencing future architects.

Ravenser Odd was a short-lived island in the mouth of the River Humber. It rose from the sea in the early 13th century and had sunk beneath the waves again by 1360. The National Archives give us intriguing glimpses into its brief and turbulent life.

Richard Williams has been to the Yoko Ono: Music of the Mind exhibition at Tate Modern: "Like a lot of people wandering through the rooms, I found myself smiling a lot, and occasionally laughing out loud at something like a 1962 work called Audience Piece to La Monte Young, in which the 20 performers simply lined up across the stage and stared at the audience until the audience left."

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