Thursday, February 29, 2024

Liz Lynne - the future MP who was in The Mousetrap

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Andrew Teale produces a local by-election preview every Thursday, and today's edition also includes the parliamentary contest in Rochdale.

His exhaustive history of that town's elections provides our Trivial Fact of the Day: the former Liberal Democrat MP and MEP Liz Lynne once appeared in Agatha Christie's record-breaking play The Mousetrap.

I think I already knew this, and an Agatha Christie wiki shows that she played the role of Miss Casewell in 1986.

Also in that 1986 cast was David Lloyd Meredith, better known (to me at least) as Sergeant Evans from Softly Softly: Task Force.

Agatha Christie fans may be interested in a recent spoiler-free edition of the podcast  All About Agatha that looks at The Mousetrap. It includes an interview with a member of the family of Dennis O'Neill, the boy whose death inspired the play.

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Phil O’Neill said...

And thanks to Jonathan for showing such an interest in my family and introducing me to the brilliant Kemper Donovan who interviewed me for his podcast.