Tuesday, February 06, 2024

Bridgnorth borrows half a million so town cliff railway can reopen

The people of Bridgnorth have given their town council the go ahead to borrow half a million pound to fund repairs that will allow the town's cliff railway to reopen.

As a result of this funding for work on an unstable retaining wall, the railway is due to reopen later this month.

The vote in favour of the borrowing is a reflection of the fact that the cliff railway isn't just a tourist attraction. Because of Bridgnorth's unique geography - half the town lies on the banks on the Severn and half on an outcrop that overlooks it - it's a valuable amenity for residents too.

According to the town clerk Clare Turner, quoted by BBC News, the £500,000 will be repaid over 25 years and will cost residents an extra £8 each year.

Meanwhile, reports Andy Boddington, there is no sign that work to restore a stretch of Ludlow's medieval town wall that collapsed 11 years ago will begin any time soon.

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