Sunday, February 04, 2024

Songdog: Raise Your Glass in Praise

When the Songdog album Joy Street came out in 2017, Americana UK declared:

A new album from Lyndon Morgans, aka Songdog, is something to be eagerly anticipated, then played endlessly and treasured once it appears. There truly is nobody else like him, nobody who does what he does and precious few as good. 
In a more just world he’d be the subject of adulatory profiles in the broadsheets and sell out the finest concert halls in the land. In this one though he’s a secret, garlanded with critical acclaim but clutched to the breasts only of those in the know, who hang on his every word and every song as if they were gold dust, which of course they are.

And this track?

The list of things that Morgans likes that is Raise your Glass In Praise is a celebration, though of course his list isn’t quite what you might expect, featuring empty playgrounds, grassed over graves and amyl nitrate amongst others.

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