Sunday, February 18, 2024

The Lovely Eggs: My Mood Wave

This was probably something that would have been kinda popular in 1993

says a comment on YouTube. I suspect 1993 is the earliest year the writer can conceive of, because this would have been popular two or three decades before that. Yet it's a new single.

The Lovely Eggs are a duo - Holly Ross and David Blackwell - from Lancaster who have been around since 2006. 

They've been quiet lately, but Monorail Music explains what they've been up to:

It’s been four years since the world heard any new music from our heroes in psych-punk-power duo The Lovely Eggs. Four long years since the release of their Number 1 Independent Chart topper, ‘I Am Moron’. 
But it’s not like they’ve been lazy, oh no. They made their own TV series EGGS TV and hosted it on YouTube, they dueted with Iggy Pop, piled into their van and played a load of sold out gigs and festivals, spent two years fighting to save Lancaster Music Co-Op (a community rehearsal rooms and recording studio where they live), and then they got their heads down and wrote a new album…

And the same site says of My Mood Wave:

“My Mood Wave is kind of an internal thought monologue,” says Eggs singer and guitarist Holly. “It’s a brain on a surfboard, trying to navigate the barrage of daily shit that gets washed up each day. It’s a coping mechanism handbook for people who sometimes find the world too much.”

My Mood Wave has an uplifting contemporary feel, haunted by a West Coast retro vibe that pulses and shimmers with a gorgeously addictive melody that will float around your head for days.

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